Jacksonville Beaches ONLY fully equipped Pilates Based Rehabilitation Facility

Client Testimonial:

I've been doing Pilates Based Rehabilitation for: 5 months

In this time I have: Found a Whole New Body

I started Pilates/ Pilated Based Rehabilitation because: I could not exercsie regularly for months without injury

The thing I like best is: It's SO BALANCED & it has put me in alignment that I haven't had since I was young.

Other Comments: In no way does it ever injure me. It is the best, most balanced, healing exercise I have done in 40 years!

  • B.V. 8/28/2015
Posture Assessments Now Available:

Pilates & Physical Therapy both focus on improving core strength, spinal alignment, balance, coordination, control & proper movement of the extremities through their full range of motion. Pilates principles address posture, muscle performance & motor control, the same concepts that form the basis of most orthopedic rehabilitation.


Benefits of Pilates- Based Physical Therapy

 - Strengthens Abdominal and Back Muscles to Protect & Stabilize the Spine

- Improves Balance & Coordination

- Increases Energy, Endurance & Circulation

- Enhances Body Awareness & Postural Alignment

- Develops Long, Strong and Well-toned Muscles

- Alleviates Chronic Pain

- Prevents Future Injury 



Specializing in One-on-One Personalized Treatment 

Acute & Chronic Back & Neck Pain  .  Shoulder, Elbow, Hand Pain  . 

Sacroiliac & Sciatic Pain  .  Hip, Knee, Ankle Pain  .   

Postoperative Rehabilitation  .  Vertigo & Balance Disorders  . 

Pregnancy & Postpartum Therapy  .  Posture & Repetitive Stress.  

Golf & Performing Arts Rehabilitation .  Gait training  .  




Complimentary Consultation 



  Take advantage of a complimentary 15 minute consultation with our Physical Therapist.  We will perform a brief evaluation and determine if you are a rehab candidate or if it is appropriate to go into our Pilates group classes